Mesotherapy is a solution for rough skin, enlarged pores, acne scars, chloasma, visible wrinkles, dull skin, eye area wrinkles. The recommended method of microneedling is with a dermapen. This method guarantees visible rejuvenation, hydration and unification of the skin thanks to a special technique of skin disruption with a dermapen followed by the application of special cocktails enriched with vitamins, amino acids, minerals and stem cells, all of which is needed for complex skin regeneration. 

This modern method is also highly effective in case of hair loss or loss (alopecia) and can also be used to promote hair growth. The effectiveness is due to the fact that the regenerative substances reach the hair follicles directly, which are nourished. At the same time, there is more blood flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth even more.

After the treatment, you can expect better penetration of substances into the skin, up to 80%.

How the treatment works

The concept of microneedling is based on the self-renewing ability of the skin. Using a high-rotation hand-held electric device, the microneedles penetrate the skin perpendicularly and create microtraumas in the deeper layers, which stimulate collagen production. The new collagen reduces the depth of wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, improves the appearance of scars and other skin defects. The result is smoother, smoother, firmer and younger skin.

Thanks to its unique properties, this technique can also be used on delicate surfaces such as the eye area, lips, nose. The procedure itself takes prox. 90-120 minutes.

In addition, the skin is treated with an anesthetic cream before the procedure, so you do not feel pain during the procedure, just a gentle pressure.

Active convalescence lasts approximately 24-72 hours, during which time expect:

● Reddening of the skin (erythema)
● Scratching the skin
● Island
● Touch sensitivity
● Itching
● Feeling tense
● Slight peeling of the skin

Recommendations after treatment (1-10 days / until the skin relaxes)

  • Corresponding sera are appropriate after treatment.
    with the problem for which the treatment is being performed, such as serums containing
    hyaluronic acid, vitamins. Soothing and moisturizing cleansing products, skin creams with soothing substances.
  • The skin must be constantly hydrated, you must not feel dry skin.
  • UV protection must be a matter of course to prevent
    complications in the form of pigmentation changes. Creams with SPF factor.
  • We recommend applying 30/50 + at least 7 days after the procedure.

Visits to saunas and chlorinated swimming pools are not recommended during this time. The skin should not be exposed to excessive sweating (extreme sports).

Avoid products that contain exfoliating agents, such as salicylic acid, mandelic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.

The treatment is repeated at the following frequencies:

  • rejuvenation and lifting: 4-6 treatments once every 3-4 weeks
  • acne scars: 6 treatments once every 3-4 weeks
  • stretch marks: 10 treatments once every 4-6 week

How long after the treatment can the result be observed?

You can usually see the result after the first treatment. Long lasting and really
a significant effect can be expected after the fourth to sixth treatments. Your skin
will continue to improve for 6 months after the last treatment.


  • In case of cold sores, bruises, eczema, keloid scars, rashes or in case of contagious skin diseases, psoriasis, skin cancer or fungal infections.
  • Drug use: antibiotics, antidepressants, drugs that cause photosensitivity, drugs
    for high blood pressure, anticoagulants or some herbal extracts.
  • After cosmetic treatment: chemical peeling, laser treatment, aesthetic surgery, botulinum toxin application or injection fillers.
  • Pregnancy