A relatively modern treatment in cosmetology, which involves the combination of the technique of microneedling (mesotherapy) and the application of acids and mesotherapeutic serums.

As such this treatment offers an intense and powerful solution for demanding clients, who have already undergone chemical peels and mesotherapy individually.  

The treatment is intended for the complete revitalization of even the most demanding skin. Immediately after the treatment an anti-aging effect is apparent at first glance. The treatment provides high lifting, reduces wrinkles, contours the face, tightens skin a results in youthful looking skin. Elasticity of the skin is improved, as is its hydration and acne scars, collagen is stimulated and hyperpigmentation is lightened. 

The type and number of treatments necessary is agreed upon with the client, but is determined by the cosmetologist based on the type of skin issues presented.

The recommended number of repetitions is once per 4 weeks.